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St Ives Cider Vinegar


St Ives Cider Vinegar 

We treat this vinegar carefully, hand-filling each bottle. With no added preservatives, our vinegar is exactly as nature intended – unfiltered, raw and unpasteurised so that it retains the active “Mother” element. This is the natural living enzyme which develops during the secondary fermentation when bacteria convert the cider alcohol to acetic acid. These strand-like protein molecules are harmless but can be filtered out if preferred.

Our cider vinegar is perfect for salad dressings and cooking but as well as recipes it would seem some people are also using it for their health.

Benefits for Dogs 

1. Itchy, flaking skin and dull coats

2. Relief from hot spots

3. Repelling fleas

4. Keeping a dog’s ears clean, lessening the chance of infection

5. Improving digestion by balancing pH levels in a dog’s body

6. Ridding itchy paws and skin of bacteria

7. Relieving muscle soreness in older or active dogs

8. Rinsing soap residue or offensive odors from your dog’s coat

9. Preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs)

10. Helping relieve bladder stones in dogs

11. Fighting yeast infections on dogs’ paws

12. Diluting pet stains and odors in the home

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