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VOM Freeze Dried with Salmon


VOM Freeze Dried With Salmon 

FREEZE DRIED is our range of gently freeze-dried products adapted to life on the go.Freeze drying is a gentle process where the nutritional value is preserved at the same time as almost all water is removed.For comparison, frozen VOM contains 60-70% water.

Wherever you are without access to a freezer or refrigerator, or where weight and durability are essential, FREEZE DRIED is the natural choice.The same benefits as feed, only in a different format.

Easy freeze-dried dog food

The advantage of freeze drying is that the food retains nutritional content, gives a concentrated taste, low weight, very good durability, low waste and spills and easy. It has the same benefits of raw feeding, only in a different format. VOM Freeze Dried can be stored at room temperature. Just add water, let the food hydrate for a little while and serve to the dog.

Applications for VOM Freeze Dried

FREEZE DRIED can be used as a complete feed for both shorter and longer periods. The product is easily crumbled, and can be sprinkled over other feed to boost extra flavor and nutrition, or used as a perfect treat during exercise.

Freeze-dried dog food is suitable for taking almost anywhere where access to a refrigerator or freezer becomes difficult. Bring easy fodder for hunting, dog show, Norway along, Hardangervidda, camping or cabin ride.

Freeze Dried Original is made from chicken, mixed feed and pork and beef and beef cuts, Salmon. .The product is added vitamin and mineral premix.

The dog food is dry frozen and easy to bring. The bags are perfect for trips where refrigerators and freezers are not available. It can be used for whole feed, as a treat for the dog or mixed with other dog food to add flavor.

The product comes in 90, 400 and 900 grams.


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